measurements: výška 11.1 cm, šírka 15.6 cm
work type: iné médiátextová karta
iné médiákonceptuálna kresba
material: zažltnutý biely papier
technique: pencil
institution: Slovenská národná galéria, SNG
curator: Petra Hanáková
inventory number: IM 650
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Each letter is a bit of a drawing. When the letters join into a word, they can even weave a small pictorial composition. This tree is quite bushy thanks to the bold letters, its silhouette in the field would catch the eye even from a distance.

In several works, Koller tried to connect the concept and the representation of what it expresses. He thus created a kind of conceptual calligram and evoked "tension between the work of art and reality".

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