W. Shakespeare: Čo len chcete

Ladislav Vychodil

measurements: výška 46.0 cm, šírka 53.0 cm
work type: úžitkové umeniescénografianávrh scénický
material: paper
technique: combined technique
institution: Slovenská národná galéria, SNG
inventory number: UP-P 2839
tags: loď divadlo
in collections:
order reproduction

The stage decking of the Twelfth Night or What You Will production was also slightly elevated and broken by a smaller cascade platform. The lines drawn on the floor were echoed by the hanging objects as well as the backdrop which consisted of vertical plastic see-through stripe blinds. The screens allowed differentiations in the mood and setting lighting from behind strengthened the atmosphere of a fictional kingdom Illyria. For example, warm yellow diffused light was used to illuminate a chandelier-like linear object which evoked interior spaces; whereas cold blue light was used for an area with a linear hanging object resembling a ship, which evoked the sea and travelling.