Alegória mlčanlivosti

Giacomo del Pó

measurements: výška 48.0 cm, šírka 35.5 cm
work type: painting
genre: religious motif
material: canvas
technique: oil
institution: Galéria mesta Bratislavy, GMB
curator: Dominika Zbončáková
inventory number: A 2972
tags: anjel
in collections:

This decorative cabinet-format painting talks about the benefit derived from the ability to remain silent. Completed by a segmented cut the painting is mostly filled with a figure with wings, golden hair and a loin cloth. An androgynous winged being lifts its finger to its lips in a gesture encouraging silence. It holds a cornucopia in the other hand from which coins are pouring out. A putto flies behind it while handing out a small item. Putti are falling while grabbing a white and black goose.

The scene is framed by an oval in a rectangular area, the circumference of which is disturbed by beings flying out of control toward an undefined area while an angel hovers in the glowing light of the calm sphere of the heights. 

Giacomo del Po of Naples, the artist, depicted the Allegory of Silence according to the iconographic instructions of Cesare Ripa. A boy with black wings with his finger on his lips, is seated; he cannot stand because he is weak and he is holding the cornucopia. A putto in the back brings a peach which is first sacrificed to the gods. The inability to remain silent brings danger to the other two putti.

In addition to monumental works, the intellectually oriented Giacomo del Po concentrated on similar cabinet paintings dedicated to various allegories.

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