Madonna with Angels from Poprad

Spišský maliar, Majster Mikuláš z Levoče – probably by

measurements: výška 77.3 cm, šírka 61.0 cm (s rámom)
výška 65.0 cm, šírka 49.2 cm
work type: maliarstvomaľba tabuľová
object type: panel painting
genre: religious motif
material: wood
technique: tempera
institution: Slovenská národná galéria, SNG
curator: Dušan Buran
inventory number: O 1593
tags: madona kristus anjel
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licence: Creative Commons License public domain
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Gold is used in two ways on the panel painting of the Madonna. Cracked gold paint largely imitates the surface of the gold objects, such as, for example, the clasps on the Virgin Mary’s cloak. In this instance, plated gold is used for surfaces processed in relief. The technique is called brocading, and it finds inspiration in the structure of expensive contemporary textiles, especially in brocade, after which it is named. The treatment thus changes the panel into a precious gilded work.

Dušan Buran ● 111 diel zo zbierok = works of art from the collection / Editori Dušan Buran, Katarína Müllerová ; [Katarína Bajcurová]. -- Bratislava : SNG ; Slovart, 2008.